About Me

I enjoy creating easy-to-use, self-explanatory interfaces that users love to come back to. My experience in the user experience design field ranges across a wide spectrum of applications including enterprise software design, company websites and e-commerce and mobile apps which makes me qualified to creatively provide solutions for a broad range of needs. 

It might sound cliché but I’m not the typical UX designer. I believe that if one follows a rigid process they might lose some facts and opportunities along the way. Not to say that my process is loose, well maybe it is kinda scrappy but that what led me to solve some of the biggest problems at Google.

I believe that an interaction designer should be prototyping 20% of their time at minimum, otherwise it’s not interactive, that’s the reason I use Axure. With Axure I can create wireframes and flowcharts like in any other design tool, but I can also prototype anything I want with Axure which gives me a huge leap forward over other designers who work with traditional wireframing tools.