What is Physna


Physna let customers search, analyze, and action their 3D models in a fraction of the time.

What that means? By knowing the exact geometry of a model, Physna can provide:

  • The level of similarity between models (e.g. 99% similarity),

  • Tell users where a part lives within a larger part (e.g. a bolt within an engine),

  • Find a model by taking a photo of the physical part off a smart phone.

Physna stands for Physical-DNA

The Problem

  • You know how looking for stuff on your computer such as Docs, Images, Design files, Bills, etc. can take a lot of time?

    • CAD engineers and designers spend hours & days looking for the right files.

  • Once the file is found, opening a CAD file is not like opening a google doc or a photoshop file,

    • It might not be the right file type e.g. photoshop cannot open a ,

    • The file itself is very complicated,

  • Not all users always have the specific license.

My Role

  • Stepped in to a domain I didn't have a lot of knowledge in and quickly started working on the flagship feature of the enterprise offering - Identify 2.0.

  • Provided user centered approach as well as providing a business reasoning how this could be leveraged in the product even further.

  • Brought current system up to speed with UX standards (system was built on .Net & C++ so it wasn't easy).

  • Worked closely with front end engineer to rebuild the entire from scratch with React. It required establishing a Design-System.

  • Collaborated with 'sister' product (Thangs.com) to align and share mutual goals for each product as well as alignment on the design-system patterns.

"On average, an engineer spends 12 hours a week searching for models — even longer redesigning existing models.

With a clean and organized 3D catalog, engineers and designers can focus on innovation instead of re-creation." --physna.com


  • Within 4 weeks, I delivered a design that brought consensus to the team.

  • Two month past that Physna React was launched.

  • Physna and Thangs working towards a shared design system.

Legacy App

React App