Ads Media Planner

Intelligent budget allocation in cross-media sales pitches
Google Patent - 17993-00-IL

An example of a Salesperson goes into the tool with a budget in mind


I joined Google in 2012 to work on what was called AMP, Ads Media Planner. A tool for salespeople, 10,000 people at that time, a tool to provide a price estimate for enterprise customers.

I reached out to Googlers to collect information and to understand the user needs and user flows. I also reached out to designers and PMs from other Ads platforms in order to understand their capabilities and to figure out what would make sense to integrate inside AMP.

With a lack of UXR, I prepared a usability study and traveled to SFO to run that study.

The Challenge

It is time consuming and painful for large publishers (e.g., Google's LCS -- Large Customer Sales) to manage and sell cross-media solutions today (2012).

Salesperson spends on average: 38 hrs

Creating: 52 Reports

Just for 1 Proposal


  • Drove vision behind creation of Google’s first cross-media sales planning and pitching tool.

  • Worked with extended team of 30+ eng across SEA, MTV, ZRH, LAX.

  • Launched Ads Media Planner in Apr’13 to Google sales org.

  • As of Sep 2014, AMP had 90% sales pod adoption with 2,200 monthly users, representing 65% of Google’s LCS account managers. LCS org touches >50% of Google’s Ads revenue.

  • IDF awarded + patent for innovative media and budget allocation + estimation technology.

  • Increased sales efficiency by 5% as part of Q22013 Company OKR, scoring a 1.0.